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Mountain Biking

Chiang Mai is a Mountain bike
paradise, awash with fantastic trails and brilliant downhill runs. Chiang Mai Mountain Biking is Northern Thailand ‘s premier mountain biking Tour Company.

 We specialize in adrenaline packed  Day Trips
from Chiang Mai on a mountain bike. It’s the perfect way to escape the busy
tourist-packed city and experience the fantastic nature of the nearby  forest trails . Daily our trucks depart from
Chiang Mai for the mountain tops where we kit you out with a mountain bike and
descend some fantastic and thrilling routes. Thousands  of hours riding the trail systems of the
Himalayan Foothills above Chiang has given us the edge to show you the most
beautiful and interesting routes, some  only accessible by mountain bikes. Trip 1 for example, our 4X4
Truck takes us to the top of the mountain (1600m), allowing us
over 1200m downhill elevation change. You will meet isolated Hill Tribes,
experience the true jungle of Northern Thailand and brush up on your riding
skills with our accompanying instructors. We accept riders of all abilities in
good physical condition and help match you with riders and conditions.


River kayaking in the Greater Chiang Mai Area and all the way up to Chiang Dao offers a chance to explore the unspoiled natural beauty of Northern Thailand and to kayak off the beaten path. These kayaking programs are suitable for newcomers as well as seasoned kayakers, with natural beauty and silence in mind. While river kayaking is a challenging sport, it doesn't have to be Class 3 (advanced white water) to be enjoyed. Our team has compiled an inventory of the best kayaking locations in Chiang Mai's vicinity, addressing all levels of kayakers.

Our nature-oriented staff enjoys the variety of challenges that the rivers and lakes have to offer, and we're happy to share our experience with our guests. We provide lessons, and these trips are a great way to prepare for swifter waters while learning river navigation and boat handling. If you're visiting Thailand or Chiang Mai for the first time, exploring nature by kayaking and mountain biking should definitely be on your itinerary.

Chiang Mai Mountain Biking & Kayaks is a Thai-American partnership that combines local knowledge with western standard service and equipment. Our director, Aidan, is a former Hawaii resident who has lived in Chiang Mai for 20 years. As a family man, his goal and the company's mission is to make the hidden trails and rivers available to like-minded travelers who enjoy merging with unspoiled nature in a non-intrusive way. We welcome all nature lovers to join us on our kayaking adventures. Thank you, Aidan.

2003-2023 20 Year Anniversary

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